University Research on the Economics of Digitization

We need knowledge, not data. The first step is a tool that can read and comprehend texts as well as recognize relevant connections. Along with Prof. Dr. Gerald Petz and his team we collaborated on the project “Named Entity Linking”, taking automated textual analysis to a new level. For a few years now, we have enjoyed our successful close cooperation with the Technical College Steyr (Digital Business – Faculty of Management).

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Knowledge Management Days

*Hi Tomo, Can You Help Me Find My Documents? – Knowledge Management with Chatbots – Web Client is a Thing of the Past.* Our own Klaus Erik Eisler spoke on this topic in the industry forum of the #Knowledge Management Days in Vienna. Retrieving, analyzing and using data in a way that adds value. Improving […]

Last Minute DSGVO-Breakfasts

Who is afraid of DSGVO?

Although we did not ask this question these two Thursdays, we got plenty of answers: answers regarding the practical implementation of the DSGVO and the necessity of a procedural directory and a data protection officer. In Linz lawyer Mag. Peter Schöppl shared some inside stories, addressing what we really should be afraid of. At our Business Breakfast in Vienna (Moet Bar) lawyer Mag. Philipp Summereder took over und was bombarded with questions.

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Tomo Campus Opening!

Tomo Campus: *We are OPEN* A place inviting you to get to know our knowledge base “Tomo“– this is our Tomo Campus. Here you can watch Tomo at work.