Free Download *The 10 Advantages of a Knowledge Base*

A knowledge data base or knowledge base is a specific data base for knowledge management. It needs carefully structured classification, formatted content and user-friendly search functionality. How can a company benefit from this? This is why every company should have a knowledge base by 2020:

Benefits of a Knowledge Base

Abstract: retaining today’s knowledge for tomorrow // Kremser Knowledge Management Days

In the years ahead, many companies will be faced with great challenges due to demographic changes. Retaining knowledge will become extremely important. The Kremser Knowledge Management Days 2016 focused on *knowledge organization* and published a summary of the articles. We also provided our know-how, click here to download the abstract.

Abstract: retaining today’s knowledge for tomorrow

Paper about *Improving Language-Dependent Named Entity Detection*

Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Named Entity Linking (NEL) are two research areas that have shown big advancements in recent years. The majority of this research is based on the English language. Hence, some of these improvements are language-dependent and do not necessarily lead to better results when applied to other languages. Therefore, this paper discusses TOMO, an approach to language-aware named entity detection and evaluates it for the German language.

Named Entity Detection

Leaving Expert Debriefing: How to secure and provide knowledge & experience with digital methods.

It is indeed a major challenge for companies to secure the knowledge of leaving employees. This guide presents several organizational and technical methods that support this process. Knowledge transfer and documentation stops the loss of knowledge in the company.

First the form of documentation must be considered. Supportive IT systems can be used here to transfer knowledge. For example, wikis are useful for documenting implicit knowledge and document management systems for explicit knowledge. Tomo can provide perfect support … details here.

Debriefing of Knowledge