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Knowledge Libraries

Many companies use their own technical language. Tomo learns the wording of your company via individually created collections of terms and increases the hit rate when searching. Once created as a library, Tomo tags and links all documents and provides relevant results for external searches.

Realtime entity linking

Unlike other systems, Tomo accesses Knowledge Libraries and Wikipedia in REAL TIME.

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Social Media Analysis/ Trend Analysis

People communicate, share their experiences with friends and document their everyday lives for their community. Since we are emotional beings, there is always an emotional component – whether positive of negative – to this information.

For companies, emotions are an important indicator of customer opinion and satisfaction.

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Knowledge Management

Companies have been increasingly considering information a valuable resource. This information is distributed across internal and external data sources, can only be retrieved with specific software programs und is stored in various file formats.

TOMO offers more than 400 options to connect to these data sources and is also able to read them out in parallel.

Data only becomes valuable information if it is identified as such. Using semantic analysis (“reading and comprehending texts“), TOMO can recognize relevant terms in documents. And you can decide which industry- and customer-specific terms are important to you!


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On/Off-Boarding of Employees

When employees leave a company, knowledge goes out the door with them. New employees, on the other hand, have to be trained to work with the existing data and knowledge base. In both scenarios TOMO can bridge important gaps and offer solutions.

The profile control allows employees to evaluate and weight the available data as well as assign it to specific areas of responsibility. That way relevant connections and characteristics of the data are not only stored in their heads but also documented in the system.

These relevance profiles also facilitate training new employees, who do not have to collect the necessary documents on their own.

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DSGVO // Information at the Push of a Button

Personal data can reach a company in many different ways: sales contacts, business cards, job applications, contracts, newsletter sign ups, deliveries, services, etc. Over time large quantities of data are being accumulated, which are only updated and sorted out irregularly.

With Tomo, all connected data sources – whether central or local data storage – can be searched for personal data in parallel. Our technology makes finding all documents and data connected to the searched person possible, rendering a lengthy search for single documents unnecessary.