• knowledge for TOMOrrow

    Tomo [japanese] – meaning: knowledge, wisdom, loyal accomponist

A self-learning knowledge base to provide you with relevant knowledge quickly and easily.

Sharing Knowledge

Employees assign data to specific areas of responsibility, evaluating and weighting it. That way, relevant connections and characteristics of the data are not only stored in their heads but become documented in the system.

Identifying Trends

By incorporating social media channels, Tomo can independently recognize users’ emotions. Watch the mood of your audience on Facebook, Twitter and Xing and react faster than any other.

Find instead of Search

Tomo offers more than 400 options to connect to various data sources, reading them out in parallel. Capable of reading and comprehending texts, tomo recognizes relevant terms in the documents.

Knowledge Base Tomo is the perfect Insight Engine. saves valueabletime accelerates your daily office routine massively reduces your costs creates space for new ideas

And this is how it works:


Convincing with these functions:

  • The BEST text analysis tool in German-speaking countries

    Thanks to the latest research, the most accurate and fastest text analysis tool in German-speaking countries! Tomo also works language independent and combines several languages via Knowledge Libraries.

  • Realtime Entity Linking

    Unlike other systems, Tomo accesses individually created Knowledge Libraries and Wikipedia in REAL TIME. Because NOW is the first part of your future.

  • Knowledge libraries with your terminology

    Tomo learns your companys wording through individually created collections of terms and increases the hit rate while searching. In addition, Tomo tags and links all documents to these Knowledge Libraries.

  • Social Media Trendanalyses by Monitoring

    Tomo watches your target audience on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Xing and displays their moods. Recognizing emotions is a great skill of our tool.

Short Stories

I’m looking for quick inputs on specific topics.

Daily content for websites and social media is needed. The time gaps are small and ideas have to be implemented quickly. Tomo provides me with search results that are really relevant for me because it searches with my wording and learns which topics are important for my area of responsibility. So I got enough time for really cool ideas…;)

Crowd intelligence means problem-solving

My job is to solve problems of customers and colleagues, working in quite complex hardware and software landscapes. Here it takes the knowledge of many. But how to find the right answer in this explosion of information and opinions? With Tomo i’m able to get solution options faster. Tomo is thinking along!

Audits lead to enormous workload …

Our cross-site production leads to extremely complex processes and time-consuming communication. An Insight Engine like Tomo perfectly supports me with the documentation according to ISO 9001. Although I try to stay in close contact with production, I would have to invest more time in a continuous learning process.

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